Secondary 4

Class Name in English Name in Chinese Award
4D YAN Dorcas 甄多嘉 First in Level
      First in Class 4D
      First in English Language
      First in Economics
4D WONG Ka-kiu 黃嘉翹 Second in Level
4D YUEN Wing-kiu 阮穎翹 Third in Level
      First in History
4A LUI Cheuk-wing 呂卓穎 First in Class 4A
      First in Liberal Studies
4B CHU Yuen-tung 隋宛彤 First in Class 4B
      First in Combined Science (Chemistry & Biology)
4C TSUI Hok-yan 徐斈炘 First in Class 4C
      First in Mathematics (Extended Module II)
      First in Combined Science (Physics & Chemistry)
4E CHAN JasminPui-gar 陳珮珈 First in Class 4E
4C CHAN Chung-fan 陳頌勛 First in Biology
4A CHAN Pui-kwan 陳佩鈞 First in Visual Arts
4D CHAN Shuk-ling 陳淑玲 First in Chinese Language
4D CHAN Yee-lok, Crystal 陳懿樂 First in Geography
4D CHEUNG Tsz-yu 張芷瑜 First in Combined Science (Physics & Biology)
4D FUNG Kwun-tang 馮冠騰 First in Mathematics
4C FUNG Yau-man 馮佑民 First in Design and Applied Technology
4D HO Yannis Yan-lum 何恩臨 First in Chemistry
4A LAU Yee-nok 劉以諾 First in Chinese History
4D LEUNG Chun-wai, Ken 梁俊煒 First in Physical Education
4E LEUNG Ka-yee 梁嘉儀 First in Physical Education
4D LEUNG Kim 梁劍 First in Physics
4D TAM Lok-him 譚樂謙 First in Information and Communication Technology
4C TSAI Wai-wa 蔡偉華 First in Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

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