Membership 會員

All ex-students and faculty members are members of the TWGSS Alumni Association (TWGSSAA).  There is currently no membership fee requirement to join.  Members are eligible to vote and stand in elections for the TWGSSAA Executive Committee.  Alumni members of the TWGSSAA are also eligible to vote and be nominated for the TWGSS School Management Committee alumni representatives.

To receive information about TWGSSAA and our activities, we encourage you to update us with your contact information using the sign up form .

There are many reasons to get involved with TWGSSAA besides the fact that it’s free.  We have asked our volunteers and event participants and here are the Top 5 reasons:

Reason #5: Nostalgia—we all had some of our fondest memories here and it’s nice to connect with old friends and reminiscence about the good old days.

Reason #4: Fun—we do have fun events, good for meeting new friends, fun for the whole family, or just another excuse to be out of the house and away from the kids.

Reason #3: Sense of Belonging—share your passion for our alma mater with fellow volunteers—our works are appreciated by fellow alumni, students and staffs.

Reason #2: Be Grateful—it feels really good to give back to the place that has given us so much, we promise.

Reason #1: Making the world a better place—in addition to staying in touch with a part of our past, we also get to know today’s youth and the challenges they face, and make a difference in their life.